Power supply

Could I power my Arduino Uno R3 with 1 amp current or 2.1 amp of current (from a power bank I am getting)?

Thanks for any help


If the voltage is within specification, yes, that is more than enough current to run an Arduino.

What is the voltage? THAT is the important value.

These are the specs:

"Dual USB output: Charge two smartphones or an iPad at full speed (USB Output 1: 5V 1.5A, USB Output 2: 5V 2.1A)"

Thanks again


In that case, yes, you can plug that direct into the USB socket of the Arduino, or connect it direct to the +5V pin on the power header.

You can't connect it to the barrel jack though.

Can I use either one (the 2.1 amp or 1 amp) or is 2.1 amps to much?



With amps, it's never "too much" - you have to ask "is it enough?"

The current rating of a power supply is the upper limit of what it can provide without it melting.