Power Supply

Hello, I've been having some issues with power cutting out on my Materia101. I'm in North America, so I'm using another power supply other than the one included (it outputs 12V up to 6A so I think I'm covered here).

I can run the "autohome" and "pre-heat" commands seperately (and both work), but when I try and run a "change filament" command, the power to my boards seems to drop right after the extruder finds home. I've placed my multimeter across the power supply and watched it drop to 0V, and then rebounds back up after it resets itself.

Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated, thank you.

You should be able to use the included PSU. It is rated for an input of 100-240v. Please try it and if it still doesn't work.

Otherwise: The problem might be with the fan on the bottom of the printer next to the motherboard.

I have the same issue with the included PSU. I have noticed that the base fan is running slower than the other two. I tried switching up the connection, as well as disconnecting it completely, but everytime the Z axis drops down to just above the motherboard my printer resets (when I run "Change Filament").

I've also noticed that it will reset sometimes when I try and use the preheat command

I’ve noticed that the voltage across my main power terminals rises from 12V to approximately 16V when I run the preheat command. Is this supposed to be the case?

I think it might be one of two things:

  1. A badly soldered ramps shield.
  2. A bad power supply.

I've contacted the manufacturer to get a second opinion.