Power Supply

When I connect the power supply (6V DC Battery) to the VIN-Pin and connect the USB-Port to the computer the sketch runs without problems. The arduino IDE isn't working.

When I disconnect the USB-Port the sketch isn't working.

(the programm sends SMS)

Any ideas ??

it seems, that I have the same problem. I use the ENV-Shield and a lipo with 2500mAh. Connected with my mac, the cloud is updated. Disconnected and a power supply from my raspberry connected via usbport won't run anymore. I build the program in the cloud and than I downloaded it. IDE is then newest and all libraries are up to date.
I think I will test a display to see what happens when disconnected.
Has anyone ideas?


I have the same problem as well, The Arduino MKR1400 is not running on Battery, In my case I have connected Li+ Battery 3000mAh, but no use, it does'nt send any messages to the cloud, while running on battery.