power supply

Hi, I have a solar panel that outputs 16-21 volts and thought it would be more use full to attach it to a multi-output power supply. So does anyone have a circuit for a power supply that runs of of 16-21 volts and outputs say +3.3,+5,+7.5,+9,+12 @ about 1 amp. thanks in advance, Jaredpi

Search Ebay, there are several vendors offering updown boost/buck regulators, attach wiring and set desired voltage.

jaredpi: I have a solar panel that outputs ... say +3.3,+5,+7.5,+9,+12 @ about 1 amp.

There are example circuits (linear and switching) that produces each of those voltages. So you can build them all yourself.

The "1 amp" part is the eyebrow raising question. Do you want a total of 1A or each supply to provide 1A? Either case, I think you'll quickly find a solar panel isn't capable of either.

An Altronics model SMP-5 will regulate to that voltage range one at a time up to 1.5Amps continuous, however any solar installation has to have some sort of battery storage as light is not a guaranteed happening in the wild, and no panel will produce anywhere near an amp indoors.