power to the bot

I have a 10.8 volt, NI-CD 1200 mAH battery that i want to power my arduino based robot i tried a LM7805ACT 5v Linear Regulator but the battery burns the Regulator and SN754410NEh-bridge i did some reading on Ohm's Law but iam lost can someone help me

Are you powering the h-bridge with the regulator or directly from the battery?

from the Regulator

You need to say something, too, about WHAT you are powering from the H-Bridge, and draw a schematic showing how stuff is connected.

ok i found out what was the problem but know my avr is overheating and will not let me run or add new code to it i need a new avr for my arduino i was playing with pwm and the it fried i need to buy a new atmega328p and a avr programmer for the bootloader but when i get the arduino back working i need to know how to make the robot move faster here are some vids of my setup