Power up transient voltage spikes and linear regulators + taming power up spikes

I'm still testing my custom Atmega328 board. It's being powered with a 3s lipo and a linear regulator. There's a power up transient voltage spike of about 25v that was just noticed. The board was tested with 2x 10uf ceramic caps on the 12v input. In all of my testing the linear regulator powering the µC hasn't had an issue yet. It's been tested quite a bit.

I have a couple questions.

  1. How do you think a linear regulator would hold up to the constant transient spikes from plugging and unplugging battery packs back in over time? It's an NCP1117 3.3v(SOT223). I Googled about linear regulators and voltage spikes, but didn't come up with anything. I know people run arduinos with 3s lipos as well and never heard of any issue. PS. It doesn't get hot or anything. Very light load on it.

  2. I read this link about power up transients. Do you think it's worth taming the spike a bit for the regulator? I might be able to help it with a 100µf cap like they did, but board real estate is lacking. I might be able to make that work somehow, though. A series resistor might work as well, but I'm not sure what value would be good. I saw someone recommended 1mohm per volt, but other people say "a few ohms." They also mentioned a MOSFET, which I could probably fit on the board.

What's your preferred way to tame these power on/off spikes?

Feel free to delete this. Thanks!