Power will not come on

I have a arduino diecimila and when I plug it in the power does not turn on. I have tried using external and USB power and the jumper is on the right power plugs. When I plug it in the RX, TX, and L lights flash and then nothing... Any suggestions?

is the chip fully seated in its socket (stab in the dark, realistically even if it was just sitting on top it should still work somewhat)

do you have a multimeter / voltmeter (if not you should) to see if the power is getting around the board?

do you have another chip to try?

Thanks for the quick reply!

The chip is seated in its socket. I just checked it over with my multimeter and I see no problems with continuity.

what sort of voltage is coming out of the voltage regulator?


well, it should be 5, so either something is shorted or the regulator is dead (sorry :'( )

So its junk?

might just need a new regulator, is this a new board?

about a year old

you can probe around and see if there is something else that might be fried (ie capacitors like to die shorted out), I dont really know how hard / easy soldering on that board would be (i have a custom bare bones board)

alright well thanks for all your help!

Feed an accurate 3 to 5.00Volts in on the 5V pin and see if it all works If so get a new regulator and clip the old off and solder the new on the bent pins