1. Is there a way to power my arduino project without a wall socket? Would a car battery or some other battery work? I need power for four 40 watt light bulbs, and power to the board.

  2. Also is there a way to communicate with the arduino wirelessly (remote control) and what range can I Get out of it.

1) That's a huge load. A sealed lead acid battery of car battery size would work, but would be heavy as hell. My 150W flashlight has 24 18650 batteries, and it doesn't run for all that long at full power. You'e looking at a lot of battery if you need much battery life.

2) There are many ways. You can get at least 100 feet, probably more with cheap 433mhz ASK transmitters, or you can buy a GSM module and a wireless plan for it and communicate with it from the other side of the world via cellular data, or any of dozens of other options in between.

A description of your project would make it easier to make meaningful suggestions.


DrAzzy, that is some torch! What do you use it for?


Hi, What is the application, as weedpharma has said, it will help if we know.

Tom... :)

I want to set up motion sensor lights at the end of my driveway and I want to receive a notification (wireless) at my house.

Have you worked out your total power requirements? How many Ahrs you require?

How long do you want the battery to last? How are you going to charge it?