PowerBoost 1000 Battery Monitoring


I am using the powerboost 1000 as a battery charger for a 3.7v 2000mah lipo to power a arduino pro mini.

I know the powerboost has a go/no-go for the battery level indication.

Is it as simple as using the bat pin on the powerboost to monitor the level through the minis analog pin to get a better picture of battery level?

Current limiting resistors needed? Cut off for lipo is 3.2 volts?


Current set up- A physical switch between the powerboost EN and GND for power cutoff,

Question- Is there a way to have the physical switch as well as control it through the arduino? Can it be done by putting analog pin of arduino on the same level as BAT while power on and LOW to power off?

Drawing attached.


3727_001.pdf (17.3 KB)