powered Arduino USB with 12v supply from my vehicle..

I directly powered my Arduino UNO by connecting the USB to 12v from my vehicle. And I think my car dispatched more than 12 v. I saw the yellow light bilnk bright and then fade away. After that it just stopped working and I see that some of the components are heated up. I think I fried it. I'd like to make it work again and I'm exploring the option to see if I can change a few components. Anyone done this before and can help troubleshoot? Is it worth the effort?


Thanks! So I have no hope to bring this thing back to life? :frowning:


Thank you.

Sorry but I have to ask, were you using a "usb charger" type device that plugs into a cigarette lighter plug? (that should be regulated) Or directly to 12V?

12v directly unfortunately :(. I'd modified a phone charger and made it to pass 12v.