Powered Blutooth module and N20- Encoder motor with 9V battery

I tried to use N20 for my project alongside with Bluetooth module HC-06. However, whenever the Bluetooth module power-up, the motor runs very slow or not running at all.

After inspecting, I realized that if I power the HC-06 separately the system runs normally without any problem. But my project requires to use only one 9v battery. I tried out a simple voltage divider but there is no use. Please help.

you need to give more information for anybody to give a meaningful response.

how are you driving the motors - directly through an MCU(Arduino-which one, ESP8266, PIC ?!), via a transistor, or a motor driver module (and what specs does that have) ?

a single 9V (block)battery is not very powerful - your problem is very likely to do with power issues but no one can say if you don't tell them what the details are.

what were you attempting to achieve with the voltage divider ?