powering 12e module suggestions

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Anyone care to give best powering suggestions for a 12e & 12f module as it's only purpose is to act as a wifi repeater on a drone.Very new to Arduino, so go easy :slight_smile:
In other words want to place this 12e module on drone to experiment with various antenna designs. Thought about a stand alone li-po battery but would actually like to wire into existing modular battery to make things a little more compact and cleaner. This is a foldable drone i am experimenting with so is fairly compact.
Trying to learn about the drop out voltage regulators,etc. This would be an 'on all the time' setup as long as the drone was powered on. Not real sure how to calculate mah used for this on a 25 minute flight time.

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The E/F modules have aerials that are designed to scatter in all directions.
Maybe not what you want on a drone, where you want most of the energy to go sideways.

I would try the ESP-07S (the one without built-in aerial), with an external sleeve aerial sticking up or down.
Can find an example of that inside a (removable) aerial stick of an old (2.4Ghz-only) router.
But you might not have room for that on a fold-able drone.

Those modules draw high peak transmit currents (>=400mA), which is not good for a battery/LDO.
Can bridge those spikes with a buffer capacitor on the 3.3volt supply of the module.
470uF/6.3V tantalum (tiny/light) will do.
Then module current drops to a fairly constant ~80mA.

Hi Wawa,

Thank You for the alternative suggestion of hardware.
Will go for the esp-07s instead, I think,i understand your formula for power consumption. is there any way of determining how much mah will be used by this in 25 mins time,an average?

Thanks again

Batteries have a Ah (Amp hour) or mAh (milliamp hour) rating.
The module theoretically needs a 40mAh battery to last half an hour.
Or, your module could last more than 10 hours on a 1000mAh battery.

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Is there any chance,,,just to test with ,,maybe two 2032 coin batteries would work in parallel. What am dealing with is very much physical size ( along with weight of course) for a foldable drone. Would two of these have enough punch for 30 mins use? It shows these suppose to rate at 225mAh.
it seems like rechargable ,,LIR2450 , of same physical size lithium ion 120 mAh?

225mAH total capacity, but only at like 10mA rate of flow.