Powering 3 sets of LED String Lights (3-3.4v)

Hi Everyone,

We have a UNO Arduino Board - Start Kit.

We would like to power 3 sets of LED String lights that each require 3-3.4V. https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11750

What is the best way to power these lights while still being able to control them from the UNO Arduino board?

Will the board alone power all three sets of LED String lights or do we need independent power supplies like Lipos? If so we are not too familiar with powering with lipos but still controlling that input / output of power to those lights.


There's no clear information on the site - there appears to be a series resistor already fitted, for instance, 51 ohms, the LEDs are rated for abs max of 16mA (so 10mA each makes sense), but with 51ohms in series they aren't going to get anything like that ( it would be 1A for the string of 100...).

The datasheet seems to imply that 12 and 24V supplies are appropriate for the strings, the Sparkfun site says don't do that.

You need to get clarification from Sparkfun I think.