Powering 3x 5m ws2812b (5V) + controller (7-12V) ?

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the forum and arduino projects and I have searched for answer to my query. Can someone please tell me if I'm on the right track here...

Goal: connect 3x 5m ws2812b (150 led version) in series = 450 leds = 22.5 amp potential max current

Controller: arduino uno (7-12V input, 5V output)

Power supply: 5V DC, 30 amp.

Newbie question: should I attempt to power the 5V LEDs through the arduino board (7-12V input, 5V output) or power the board separately using a low current 9-12V adapter and connect the 5V, 30 amp power supply directly to 3x ws2812 strips?

My rookie intuition tells me passing a high current draw through the board to power all those LEDs is not the best solution. Secondly, I cannot find a 7-12V power supply with high current (> approx 8 amps), which would also seem to indicate it's not a good idea.

ok I found the answer with a bit more searching. Definitely need a separate power supply for the LED strips and could use a resistor + capacitor smooth power supply and reduce noise.

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I'd start by powering them separately. That way you can connect the Arduino to your PC for code downloading and not have to worry about it. The 5V regulator can only supply some hundreds of mA for itself and a few low current devices, not the tens of Amps your LEDs will use.
Connect the Gnd of the LED strips to the Gnd of the Arduino.
You may find you need to connect 5V from your big supply to both ends of the LED strips, and perhaps in their middle as well, to achieve uniform brightness.

Once you have achieved stable operation, you can power the Arduino via the 5V/Gnd connections on its power header and use it disconnected from the PC.

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and could use a resistor + capacitor smooth power supply and reduce noise.