Powering 4 Arduinos?

Hi fellas,

Quick question. I have built 4 breadboard arduino clones which will run LEDs in different patterns of different colors and so on as well as music activated depending on the pattern. No more than 10 leds per board. There is a board per each corner of the room on the floor pointing up the ceiling and towards the middle – think of it like a disco/club wanna be room lol. And I am wondering how can I power them? Before you ask why I used 4, the option of using lots of wires (2 per led) all around the room coming from one board was not an option. That said, I have one of these : http://www.adafruit.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=44&products_id=63 which I use to power a single board. But what if I need to hook up 4 of them? Can I use the one I have to splice the wires and connect to my positive and negative leads of each board? Will the power adapter have enough flowing thru it to power all 4? There is a 5v regular on each board so I am not afraid of frying anything but will it be enough to juice up my project? I mean after all its only about 10 or so leds (regular piranhas high flux and 5 mm leds).

Btw this is the guide I used and these are the boards I built. Pretty much identical : http://www.instructables.com/id/Perfboard-Hackduino-Arduino-compatible-circuit/#step1

Thanks for any feedback


To really answer the question, you would have to determine how much power each of these boards draw.

Power consumption aside, how far apart are these boards? It generally isn't a good idea to have long runs of low-voltage cable supplying power. The loss tends to get pretty high. So why not locally power each board instead of using one central supply?

+1 on powering each individually. You already said you didn't want wires running all around the room. Just spring for 3 more power supplies.

So are you saying just use 4 different power wall adapters?

Yes i guess i'll do that. Thank you guys happy early turkey eating for those who celebrate it :slight_smile:

Also, does anyone know why is it when I plug it in the wall outlet (the wall adaptor or some other electronic device even if its just the cord it self) I sometimes see a spark? Happens often and in outlets in different rooms. Is it normal? I think not.

Is it normal?

Normal it might be. Right it is not.

Turn of the breaker/remove the fuse. Remove the cover plate, and the screws holding the socket to the box. Pull the socket out of the box. If the socket uses push in wires, verify that all wires are pushed all the way in, and are not loose. If it uses screws, check that the screws are all tight.

If there are any loose wires on sockets with push in wiring, the socket needs to be replaced.