Powering 4 Stepper Motors

I'm trying to build up a little project that uses basic 4 Elegoo 28BYJ-48 stepper motors, running through their respective ULN2003 drivers. And I'm providing their 5V power through the basic Elegoo breadboard power supply module, powered by 12V 2A AC/DC wall plug adapter.

Running one, I get really smooth movement. Running 2, they seem to be a little rough. Trying to run 3 or 4, they stop. I'm assuming it's too much for that 5V power supply module.

I'd hate to think I need a separate one of these power supply modules for each motor. Does anyone know of a similar but stronger power supply module that can handle the load of all 4 stepper motors?

I don't know the specifications of "the basic Elegoo breadboard power supply module" but I strongly suspect you are correct to think it is inadequate.

An easy way to check this is to power the motors (at least temporarily) from a pack of 3 x AA alkaline cells (4.5v).