Powering 48 stepper motors & stepper motor drivers

I'm looking for some help.

I’m using 48 MP6500 Stepper Motor Driver to control 48 3.9V Stepper Motor. The stepper motor drivers l1 & l2 are not connected and should be using 0.5A. There are also 8 Arduini Nano 33 Iot connected to the power supply

Unfortunately the power supply MW RSP 320 5, 5V 60A 1 doesnt seem to be able to supply enough power.

With 46 stepper motors and stepper motor drivers connected and powered up everything seems ok. (It certainly was with 24 in a previous iteration of the project) When I add the last one or two the system becomes unstable and the 8th Arduino doesnt have enough power.

If I start the system with none of the motors turned on and then turn them on all together, a couple of the Arduinos restart, which I presume is down to the power supply not being able to provide power immediately. If I turn the motors on in batches the system is stable. Apart from when I add the 47th & 48th motor.

Any advice on a better power supply or things to try.

Any advice on a better power supply or things to try.

A second power supply - 24 motors on each power supply?


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