Powering 5x5v perifirals with Arduino Uni WIFI

I am new to Arduino and i am setting up a bard that will need to have

2x Water Flow sensors
2x Relay Modules
2x Water Temperature sensors.

All of those use 5v each.

How do I power these peripherals? I can't do it with the Arduino by itself.

Is there something I can plug in the wall socket and connect all the peripherals to that.....

A noobie


I would take a look at the datasheet / specs for each of your devices and see what the worst case current requirement is. Add that up for all 6 of your modules and that should give you a starting point. I'd probably double the value you come up with, just to give yourself some room to manoeuvre.

OK... But the Arduino Uno WIFI can't deliver 6x 5v output... right..

How many 5v output can i have out of the Uno WIFI ?

You can connect more than 1 device to a single 5V source. You just need to be aware of the power requirements of your 6 devices and then decide if the UNO 5V supply can provide it.

How is your UNO powered now?

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