Powering 6 servos

Hello! I have 6 servos connected together with 4 D cell batteries. Ok, in the first moment all works fine, bet the current is not all the time the same, that why motors start "shake". This project is "robot arm" and that mean all servos have to work at the same time. What I want to ask is, how many mA need for all 6. servos, because I want to buy static power source, something like this - https://www.elfa.se/elfa3~lv_lv/elfa/init.do?item=69-650-70&toc=19681 - main information there are in English. Maybe any other recommendation how to better power 6. 6V servo motors?

P.S Sorry about my terrible English language and these basic questions. :)

The questions, and your English, are fine. We need to know something about the servos, though, in order to help you pick a power supply. The batteries you have appear not to deliver enough current to power the servos correctly. Without knowing how much they, need, it's impossible to pick the correct power supply.

I use these servos - http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9064 - that's all what I can tell. When I asked in shop they asked me how many mA dose all servos need, and I can't answer, that why I came here.

I looked in the shop catalog and found something like this - https://www.elfa.se/elfa3~lv_lv/elfa/init.do?item=69-636-12&toc=19681 It may be good for my situation?

Ah, another problem, that power source is not available till january... Maybe someone know where, in best case, in Europe I can buy something similar?

Depending on how long you need to run them, a 6V lead-acid battery could be a good choice.

I'am more looking for something what I can plug in socket. That would be more usefull becouse this is static project.

A big lead-acid will help your project remain static