Powering 8 LEDs and ESP with 3x AAA Batteries?

So I wanna build an BLE Controlled RGB Led PCB which I would also love to have controlled by sound (but this is a bonus).
The Problem is, as this is replacing the PCB in a product, I'm kinda confined to using 3 AAA Batteries. Ive been thinking about using a ESP32, something like a MAX4466 or a DIY Version of it for the Sound, but I'm not so sure on the LEDs. Ive only worked with LED Strips on Arduinos and Raspberries, but the SK6812 seem to do what I want. Could I power 8 of them plus the ESP and the MAX4466 with only 3 AAA Batteries? Also are there any other RGB Leds with an integrated IC that have a more conventional form factor? I've only seen them connected as a strip like in the Adalight.

Battery life won't be much.

Rough estimate of battery life in hours = (battery capacity in mAh)/(mA required)

AAA batteries have about 1000 mAh.

8 individual LEDs at 20 mA each consume 160 mA total. That could be reduced, of course, but the rest of the circuit has to be added in regardless.