Powering a motor with Arduino BT


I am new to Arduino and microcontrollers in general, so please bear with me.

I have an Arduino BT with which I intend to control a small vibrating motor. These motors take 3V DC input and draw 80mA current. I want to drive these motors with the Arduino's output pins.

The Arduino example code documentation says that the digital pins output 5V and and drive upto 40 mA current. I am powering the Arduino board with a pack of batteries that output approx 5V.

Is there a safe and easy (without elaborate circuitry) way to let the Arduino board drive this motor? Some easy way to step down the voltage? Or, drive the motor with an external power suppy with the Arduino only acting as a controller?


arduino.cc -> Playground -> output -> Physical/Mechanical -> Motor control has lots of information on controlling motors from the Arduino.