powering a nema 17 stepper motor using 18650 batteries?

I have a 17HS192004S nema 17 stepper motor which I use in combination with a A4988 motor driver and an external 12V 2A power supply. Is it possible to replace the 12V power supply with one single 18650 rechargable battery? I was thinking of using a NCR18650B but I am not sure if it can provide the right amount of current, also I am not sure which Boost Converter to use. Can anyone please recommend a 18650 battery and booster? Do you think I should use at least 2 batteries? Thanks for your help!

Stepper motors and batteries are not usually a good fit.

That said, the calculations will tell you.
What voltage and current are used by your motor controller?
What voltage and current capacity does your battery provide?

This should let you know how long your battery will last before it discharges.
My guess (since I have no real numbers) is that it will not be very long.

Why not use 3 18650's? 3.7 * 3 = 11.1 which may be enough, and simpler...

I know it won't last long (even if it's just a minute), I still would like to do it :slight_smile:
Ok better use 3 of the batteries, got it. Thanks.

NEMA 17 steppers take perhaps 5W (including driver losses), so you can use that to roughly estimate supply current.