Powering a nodemcu using an anduino (MKR)

Hello, everyone,

My upcoming project consists of
Usecase A:
Receive GET request from within my home network to trigger two different relay drives.

Usecase B:
Read two sensors and send PUT/POST requests to an internet REST API based on changes read.

Due to the convenience of the relay shield, I chose the MKR 1000 + relay shield for this purpose, and think that should work really well. I think I can do B on the same MKR as the sensor read is not a priority activity, and I can do it when there is no client available in the loop() on the server side to service for scenario B.

The alternative that I have been debating in my mind is doing a mini nodemcu for scenario B alone and power it using the 3.3v on the MKR.

So my question is - is that enough to power this secondary device, or am I overthinking it and should stick with a single MKR. Many thanks.

there is enough power for NodeMCU but you don't need to use it

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Thank you.

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