Powering a piezo for mist generation

Hi there,

Is it possible to power a piezoelectric disk at 1.6 Mhz to generate water vapour, all with an Arduino?


No, piezos require relatively high voltages for such applications.

If you want to build it yourself you'd be better-off making a high-power oscillator, and then you can switch it on & off with the Arduino (using a relay or MOSFET, etc.) if you want to control it with the Arduino.

I have one of those mist generators but it's a pre-made sealed unit. The power supply for mine is 12V at about 4 Amps (I think) so that's about 50 Watts and I would assume it's cheaper to buy a pre-made mist generator than to make a 50W oscillator.

Plus, assuming it's generating a 1.6MHz square wave, that could generate lots of radio frequency interference if it's not well shielded.