Powering a Servo and Arduino from the same Power Supply?

I have an Arduino UNO Connected to a Continuous Servo (https://eckstein-shop.de/Pololu-SpringRC-SM-S4303R-Continuous-Rotation-Servo).

I use a "buck converter" to convert an existing supply voltage of 24V DC to 6V DC.

Both the Arduino and the Servo are connected to the 6V DC supplied by the buck converter (Arduino VIn) This is convenient, because it works wit a single Buck Converter.

However, this voltage is outside of the safe operating limit of Arduino, because an Arduino UNO needs between 7V and 12V. And it is the upper limit of the Servo Voltage.

However, I seems to work just fine.

Should I care? Will I shorten the lifespan of my setup if I continue this way? I found no disadvantages so far (but I don't know where to look for them).

Or should I use a second buck converter for the servo like so:
24V -> 5V -> Servo
24V -> 9V -> Arduino

"seems to work just fine" - but its not guaranteed - the servo may be putting a lot of noise
on that 6V rail, now or in the future as the motor brushes age/wear, and yes the Arduino's 5V will
be rather low and noisy. Stalling the servo may reset the Arduino sometimes.

If you use the really cheap 10-turn pot adjustable LM2596 based buck converters, I'd go with the second
converter option, the Arduino one can be set to closer to 7V for more efficiency.