Powering a Yun being used for an RC Car

I have a problem. You see, my friends and I are building an RC Car powering 2-4 servos (wheels), a USB-Camera, a distance sensor(prevents crashing), and a microphone(voice control ;)) while being somehow controlled over the Wifi. That brings me to 2 questions:

  1. How much power is required to power all that?

  2. Are there ANY cheap solutions around $15 that can power that?

I am using these products:



Distance Sensor

Logitech Webcam

In the RC world it would be called a “UBEC” (or “SBEC”). I’m only guessing but from your description a 5 amp UBEC should handle it. You can also use multiple BECs – one to power the Yun, one to power the servos, etc.

That sounds AMAZING! One of my friends is good with hooking up batteries to all sorts of things, so I'll buy one and have him set that up. THANKYOU! :smiley: :smiley: One thing though. How would I hook one up seperately to the servos? Would I just connect the 5v of the servos to the battery? :roll_eyes:

I did say "multiple" UBECs. The price kinda jumps between the 3 or 5A UBECs and the 10A UBECs so multiple, smaller UBECs might be more cost efficient and probably help to ensure you don't get interference between the high current motors and the Yun.

Battery -> UBEC #1 -> Servos
Battery -> UBEC #2 -> Yun

Servos need their voltage input at 5V and sometimes up to 6V. Don't connect them directly to the battery.