Powering ADM2483 For RS485 communication

I am using ADM2483 for RS485 communication. I have tested the circuit with isolated power supply where its working fine. I have one typical application where i want to use common power source.

I would like to know is it safe to short
VDD1 &VDD2 GND1 and GND2 for application use. I have gone through datasheet there is no information weather it can be shorted or not.

Refer Page 17 of Below data sheet. IF any one have idea please suggest


What’s the point of buying an isolated driver and then not using the feature? I don’t foresee any reason why it wouldn’t work but I’d ask Analog Devices if you're really set on doing this.

Personally, I’d use a MAX485 or any of the dozens of the standard RS485 drivers that are available and significantly cheaper than the A-D isolated part.

Broken link, here's the real one:


Wow that's an expensive chip.

Why not use an SN65176 or similar for non-isolated applications? Cheap, available DIP and SMT.

And of course any isolated device will work non-isolated, how could it not?