Powering an air quality monitoring station

Hi guys

I need advice on powering an air quality monitoring station for a long time.

A long time means pretty much indefinitely.

I understand that a battery pack with a 9v battery might only last a few days.

If the monitor is remote from any power source, solar power with rechargeable batteries is the usual choice. If the system is properly designed you can expect a year or two of operation without maintenance. Possibly more, but it would be foolish not to check.

It wouldn't really be remote. I plan to install it above my house. I guess I could get some wiring up to it but I don't know what I would need. I guess I would need a transformer of some sort.

As for a battery source I guess it would really depend on how much the station would "do" as to how long the 9v battery would last, right?

What type of sensor(s).
Can't you just install the sensors outside.
Wireless is easy short term, but wired is better long term.

You need a power budget, ie how much power will the monitoring system use.
Then you can figure out how to power it.

If by “9v battery” you mean those small, rectangular things, you might get an hour or two of operation, perhaps more.

It wouldn't really be remote. I plan to install it above my house.

I presume you're not going to climb up to it every day to get the readings so why not use a cable?
You can use a Cat 5 cable (8 conductors) to carry your power up and data down. Use a 9V wall wart for your power source. You may also be able to run your output display from the same wall wart.