powering arduino and hbridge

I am building a robot for an Engineering class, and am having power supply issues. How can I wire up my arduino and hbridge to run on too run on two individual power supplies, but have them work together.

I will be running an SG90 servo, an ultrasonic sensor, 3 Sharp IR sensors, 2 collision sensors, a Tamiya gear box, and an 8 way line sensor array.

My plan is to use 6aa batteries to run the hbridge, and a 9v to run the arduino. I think I fried my board trying to wire it the first time.

Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated

Get a wall wart, saves you lots of money buying batteries (and helps save the planet in the process). Especially those small 9V batteries are terribly wasteful and inefficient (if only because you lose nearly half the power in the regulator, that brings it down to 5V!)

But if you insist on batteries: connect the grounds. That should be it.

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What Arduino and H-Bridge do you have?

Can you please post a copy of your circuit, in CAD or a picture of a hand drawn circuit in jpg, png?
Please show your sensors and how you would connect your power supplies.

Thanks.. Tom... :slight_smile:

Common Grounds. I use the MultiMoto and leave the jumper in place, apply power to MultiMoto and that powers the Arduino too!