Powering Arduino by Battery?

Hey all,

i have just completed adding bluetooth to my arduino board for wireless communication. next step is to make the board truly wireless by being powered by battery instead of adaptor.

So does anyone know how to power the board by using a portable battery or inverter!

Would appreciated any info, as im sure im not the only one who would like to use the board in places without electrical supply!


mine works great with a 9v battery attached to the gnd and 9V pin on the board. you can attach the battery with the powerplug nxt to the usb port, too. just switch the jumper between them to use external power instead of usb power.

Thanks i will try that and let u know how i go. didnt realize it was so simple…


mitcho : I see your BT is “100M” , it like the one I used, and I have try the 9v battery, but it only can work about 30 minutes ,then the voltage will down to 7.5v , then the BT can’t work well .

Now I use three li batterys(3.7v,700mAh) , the voltage of them is 10.8v , and it can work above 4 hours.

Hey fallen, thanks heaps for than information. i was wondering why my bluetooth keeps turning off.

can you show me an image or give me a part number for the three li batterys you use so i can get the same or similar ones?

thanks again!

Hi mitcho ! just like this one : http://www.mob-hiway.com/product/205.html
it is the battery of my phone : k508

ok, it may be a little expensive to buy three of these - are there any similar batterys to these but smaller and cheaper.

I think all kinds of batterys of phone or li batterys are OK , it is no expensive in China , about $8