Powering Arduino Esp32 Wroom

Recently I’m trying to learn the Arduino Esp32 Wroom version, just on blinking an led first. The arduino Esp32 Wroom works very well when powering with Laptop-USB and also Power Bank-USB.

After that I tried to supply it with two AA 1.5V voltage through the Vin Pin and GND. The Led on the Board shines but slightly dim compared to the usb. With 2 AA batteries, the Board could not Connect to my wifi at home even when I restart it (The Laptop and Power Bank works very fast to connect my wifi)

Kindly teach me how to power up the Arduino ESP32 Board in a proper way and correct any mistakes done by me. And what voltage should I supply to the board, If it is around 3.7 V, how to do it ?

see: How to power your ESP32 development kit, options

Hello alanesq thanks for the reply, I have seen the link before actually. However the datasheet shown from the vendor shows absolute maximum of 3.6V. Should I source with over 3.6V then ? What is the best way to supply it with 3.3-3.6V since 3V does not work as i mentioned earlier
esp-wroom-32_datasheet_en.pdf - Google Drive

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