Powering Arduino from a USB-battery

I know some people use a battery to power their Arduino. Some even use LithiumIon (LiIon) or LithiumPolymer (LiPo) contraptions to make Arduino work without a power supply.

I recently bought a Philips SCE4430, a 'rechargable USB power supply'. It basically is a battery with USB plugs to charge it, and a USB plug to draw the energy from. And, since Arduino's generally have a USB plug, it is easy to power an Arduino with it!

I guess this is a good solution for people who don't want to mess with batteries and chargers themselves and want to stick with an 'off the shelf' solution. Philips is by the way not the only OEM that produces these kind of products. Many can be found from various sources, either with solarcells or not. The Philips device is small, has a rather large capacity and is a quality product, but the final choice is up to you!

Happy programming!



Thanks for sharing. It looks pretty good, although a bit pricy.

I have another question that falls into the same area...
I have a 5V goldcap capacitor and power the Arduino either from USB, 9V battery or 9V solar panel. If I connect the goldcap to the Arduino 5V pin, is this going to work until the voltage drops below some threshold? Analog readings will probably be inaccurate, but could it break something?