Powering Arduino from PC and power bank


I want that a shield sends me data to Arduino every 5 seconds.

¿How is it possible that powering Arduino from a PC through USB, the reception of data was stable (every 5 seconds) but powering with a power bank connected to Arduino USB, the reception of data is totally unstable (oscillates between 5 and 10 seconds)?

I don't see the difference.
Thanks to all,

Could the powerbank be repeatedly powering down (due to low load "oh, the device is charged, time to turn off to stop wasting the battery")? Many of them do this, at different thresholds depending on the specific model of power bank.

Thanks DrAzzy for your comment, but Arduino doesn't stop working in any moment (I can see it because the led of Arduino is always ON), so I don't think that it was the fault.

I've also connected 8 AA bateries to Vin to try with another power source but the result is the same.

Only works fine powering with PC USB port, but it's a portable project!! :frowning:

¿Anyone can understand it?


Well, the first problem is that we simply have no idea at all what you are doing since you have not described it.

Only when you explain - with references - what parts you are using, how they are connected (with a neat schematic diagram showing all connections) and show your code (according to the instructions for posting) could we possibly answer.

It might depend on what is meant by the 'reception of data' ?

Is the 'reception of data' happening via WiFi, Bluetooth, Internet, bits of wet string or Voodoo ?

I can give you more details about my project but the main problem is that with exactly the same connections and the same code, I obtain two different behaviours:

  • Powering through USB connected to PC: Correct and stable data every 5 seconds.
  • Powering through Power Bank or trafo: Correct data but unstable data (every 5 or 8 or 16 seconds).

And I'm unable to find an explanation...

Thanks for your help.

And we have no more information about what it is that you are doing.