Powering Arduino Mega with only one 12V power supply.

I have some questions about my Arduino project.

I am using:

Now I want to power everything with a single 12V power supply/battery. What battery should I use and How should I wire it.

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Thank you.
LP Little_Arc

I forgot to mention.

I know how to wire everything exept the power. So I only need help on power wireing.

Thank you.

Every module must be powered, with - to Gnd or - and + to +. I think that this is obvious, so what is your real problem?

You can buy a 12V dry cell Battery with current rating around 3A. If you are using high powered stepper motors then you can increase the current rating to 6A or 9A. As you increase the current, your battery size will also increase.

You can provide these 12V from your battery directly to Arduino Mega & A4988 Stepper Motor Driver.

You will also need 5V in your project and for that you can use LM7805 Voltage regulator. Arduino Mega also has 5V Pin out but it can provide 500 mA max current and its not much so LM7805 is a better option.

This is my schematic:

Schematic_robot.pdf (1.57 MB)

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