Powering Arduino Mini Pro with 3.0 V

Hi guys,

just a little quiestion, is it possible to use a 3.0V coin battery to power an Arduino Mini Pro version 3.3V?,

Thank for replay!,


No, it wont, atleast not properly. Insufficient power may alter timing, sensor accuracy, and so forth, but if the device is operating "correctly" to your definition, then it should be fine. No harm in trying

Besides a coin cell will not last long--http://www.embedded.com/electronics-blogs/break-points/4429960/How-much-energy-can-you-really-get-from-a-coin-cell-

The controller is specified for a minimum Vcc of 1.8V. 10MHz operation is specified down to 2.7V, I think that for 8MHz 2.5V should be sufficient as well. I'm not sure about the clock source with lower voltages, perhaps then the internal 8MHz RC oscillator is used instead of the external 16MHz quartz.

Sure you can. But it's best to bypass the regulator. Some of the boards have a solder jumper for that. You might also want to check the fuses and change the brown out detection level.

At 3V and 8MHz you'll be drawing about 3mA when the processor is active. The power LED draws something similar so you'll probably want to nuke that. At a constant 3mA a CR2032 coin cell will last no more than 150 hours mAh, probably less. The battery capacity will improve if the 3mA is applied in short, low duty-cycle pulses, like you'd get if the processor was asleep most of the time and awake for only brief periods.