Powering Arduino nano via Vin pin

Hello everyone!

I have a silly question that unfortunately I cannot figure out by myself! I want to create my first solid project and I want to install an Arduino nano on a case. Thus, I don’t want to power my Arduino through USB port, as I need the usb port to be easily accessible. At this point I am considering on powering the board via Vin input. However, I am not entirely sure how much voltage I can apply! Is there a regulator between the Vin pin and the rest circuit or I simple can apply 5V directly?

Very simple, documentation on this web page says 7-12V recommended and 6-20V limited for Vin. Vin is on 5V regulator input. It is better to use Vin of course. You can connect directly to 5V input but regulated 5V voltage with respect of MCU needs. On-board regulator is bypassed in this case.