Powering arduino Uno and servomotor from USB Power Bank


Currently, I have a USB powerbank powering my arduino Uno which powers my micro servomotor. I would like to have the motor running for long periods of time (~24 hrs). Sometimes, I am able to achieve this run-time but in most cases the power bank shuts off after about 3-4 hrs of running. I am not quite sure about the variability. It seems that my powerbank has a current threshold (don't know exactly but probably 50-60 mA) and my arduino/servo motor are probably right at that cut-off.

What is the easiest way to handle this problem? Could I program my arduino to draw more current from the power bank (have it calculate pi to many decimal points?)? Or, would just buying a proper grade resistor do the job.


The ideal solution is to defeat the cutout - it may be enough to pull a spike of current every few seconds,
and fool it, or may be that won't work. Maybe just pulsing the servo with a small movement regularly
could do this?

Power banks are designed to shutdown when not in use so the boost-converter inside doesn't drain
the lithium battery. And you need 5 or 6V so a single lithium battery on its own won't work, but
you could just get one and a boost converter to 5V and use that - make sure it can handle the
maximum current spikes pulled by the servo though. A multimeter won't show those well