Powering Arduino Uno ON/OFF with IR

Can I power the Arduino on and off using IR? Is this possible? I have looked around and see how I can change lights, but I would like to be able to turn the board on/off using my remote. Just some clarity on this would be awesome. Thanks!

Use the sleep library to put the UNO to sleep and enable external interrupts.
Use an IR photo-diode (like the Vishay TSOP series) to trigger the interrupt.


Main loop()
Usual functioning, like decoding IR signals and dealing with the corresponding I/O
if IR signal = "Turn me off"...
sleep(enable interrupts);

An issue will be how quickly the UNO can recover from sleep once the interrupt is triggered and then process the IR code to see if it is a "wake up" signal and enable the main loop or just go back to sleep (if it wasn't a wake up code).

Thanks a lot guys. With your help I was sent in the right direction and got everything working. Thanks!