Powering Arduino UNO with external 12V PSU

Hi, I am building plotter with CNCshield which has to be powered with external PSU. From parts I got from gutted 3D printers I chose PSU which is rated for 12V 20A. I know, it is HUGELY overpowered, but I have it on hand.

Can I somehow power Arduino with it? Bridge wire to Vin? Can I send data through USB without risking frying my PC?

Thanks for replies :)

Uno and 101 can be powered by 12V directly. Most of the other boards can't.

Make sure it is really 12V. Some "12V" power supplies output 13 or 14 volts and sometimes higher at low current. The Uno and 101 are rated for 20V maximum.

There are a lot of power supply modules that can convert 12-20V to 5V or 3.3V. You can get one for well under $5 USD so why risk it.