Powering Automatic Chicken Coop Door

HI everyone,

I am working on an automatic chicken coop door opener. This is my first Arduino project. I am mostly following instructions from a youtuber that made a video series that is very informative and pretty much explains everything in detail.

The only question I have at this point is about powering my project. It is basically just a photocell, motor driver board, and 12v DC motor. The youtuber I am following said to use a 24V power supply, but I was wondering if even with the loss of power from the motor driver board, that might be too much power for a 12V motor?

I have a 9V 800mA power supply for the ardunio itself. Is this right?

I also have a 12V 1500mA power supply for the rest of the project. Will this be enough? Or is it better to use a 24V supply as the guy I’m following suggested?

I will include a copy of his wiring diagram.

Thank for any help!

Your motor selection is what is important.
A 12v automotive window gear motor would work with your 12v 1500ma supply.


Replace the comparator cct. with Arduino.



Place a bidirectional transient-voltage-suppression diode across the motor ~18 to 30 volts.