Powering/Controlling about a dozen RGB LED strips

I’m working on an LED project with about a 15 RGB (or better yet RGBW) 12V LED strips that I would like to control independently. I’ve been researching different ways to power and control these with my Arduino Mega and I’d like to get some feedback and/or solicit suggestions from the community.

My first round of research found someone who made a glowy bookshelf with individually-controlled LED strips (http://www.elcojacobs.com/using-shiftpwm-to-control-led-strips-with-arduino/). The guy even manufactured his own driver board and wrote his own library to run the setup (http://shop.elcojacobs.com/ledstripdriver). However, it doesn’t seem like he’s selling these any more. Shame, because it looks like a really powerful board.

A few days ago, I found a different board (RGB DMX 512 / SPI (TTL) Decoder 32x RGB Ch) that looks like it will do what I want. It’s got a ton of channels and can drive 300mA per channel, which by my calculations will be sufficient. The board is a bit expensive, but I’m willing to invest if it will do its job and save me time and headache.

I’ve looked at some of the other LED drivers like some of the ones from TI, but I would prefer a pre-packaged solution rather than having to make my own board with transistors and so forth. At this point, I’m more focused on completing the project rather than going down to the “nuts and bolts” and building everything from the ground up. I’ll leave learning about making my own PCBs for another project.

Thanks for any comments, ideas, or suggestions.

about a 15 RGB (or better yet RGBW) 12V LED strips that I would like to control independently

How many independent controls will that be, 15, or 15*4 ? Or just 4 ?

At minimum, 8x4 = 24 individual channels. I can group some of the strips to make "regions", but if I had enough channels (60), I'd like to have them all separate.