Powering Diecimila from car's 12V supply

I'm trying to power the board up from the car's 12V supply, but everytime I turn the key to ACC, the 20A inline fuse blows on me.

I don't plan on upping the fuse since there is a chance the board and wiring might fry.

Any suggestions for whats going on here?

The ground seems to be connected correctly.

If a 20A fuse is blowing something is absolutely not right :-)

How did you connect the board to the 12V system in your car ?

Did you remember to move the little jumper on tha Arduino board that selects if power is from USB or external ?

What else is connected to the Arduino board ?

well, if your just trying to power the thing so it'll run already, i suggest getting one of those car transformers that give you 120 volts, and from there, connect the adapter.

thats only if your just trying to get it up and running, but you might be trying to make a little device...

Finally got this to work, I ran a dedicated line for the board and everything seems to be working fine. Thanks for the help!