Powering down for x time then power up.


I would like to read data from a sensor every 1h then power off the Arduino. I would also like to power the Arduino using a 9V battery. How can I make the device turn off for 1h the boot back up, do what's supposed to do then turn back off?

Do I need to use an external board?


Get an RTC module with alarm output. After doing its thing, the Arduino can go to sleep - See power down sleep mode http://www.gammon.com.au/power then wakeup from an Alarm interrupt. DS3231 or DS3234 module would be good.

Powering from 9V, you waste 40% of battery capacity just making 5V. Suggest powering a 16 MHz Promini from 3xAA instead, or a 8MHz Promini from a LiPo or LiIon battery. Connect battery to Vcc pin and not the Raw pin to bypass the regulator. Can the rest of your circuit run from those battery voltages also?

Thank you for your reply. I didn't made any circuit yet. I just want to read data from a sensor and send it to my laptop or store it somewhere.