Powering Due from 5V pin ?

Is it possible to power the Due from the 5V pin as you can with the Mega2650?


See this thread, reply #1:


The shield I want to use has a high voltage on VIN, >12, to power leds. So there is a jumper on the shield that is currently open that disconnects VIN from the Due. The 5V and 3.3V pins are connected to the Due however, and the led shield has a 300mA 5V regulator that I believe would power the Due through the 5V pin. The maker of the shield says that the Due cannot be powered through the barrel jack in this situation, I'm not sure why. Fighting regulators?

I think this is an issue with any shield that requires it's own power supply, such as a servo shield. What do you think?

Actually, yes you can supply power through the 5V pin. In fact that's what you are doing every time you plug in the USB port, You are by passing the 5V regulator. the only difference is, 1, you have a current limiting fuse, and 2, the power goes through a MOSFET that acts as a diode. it will not harm the board or the regulator as long as you only supply 5V to the Arduino. there are commercially available board that do this. and it works without any problems.