Powering LED strip from usb tranformer in 12v line in car

Hello all, although my project is arduino, my specific problem is not so much, so apologies if this isn’t the right place for this question,

I’m making some reactive leds to go into my car, I have them now all working on my desk, and I now face the task of powering them in my car,
I planned on using a typical usb charger that plugs into the 12v source (not sure if they’re still called cigarette lighters)
However I now am unsure wether it can handle the current,
Im using an arduino nano,
ws2812b LED strip, 91 leds in length (was 92 but burnt out the first one )

I don’t need full brightness white, but just to be safe,
60mA * 91 leds = 5.46A

The 12v socket has a 15A fuse as well,

There’s lots of info out there about current draws when charging PHONES, (obviously) a lot say 500mA is the normal, or 2.4A

Is this 500mA the max current decided by the device charging somehow? OR is it part of the 5v step down circuitry inside the usb charger

And then contextual to my project will it be safe to power the lights(and arduino) from this socket through the usb charger transformer

I am open to the idea of fuse tapping 12v straight from the fuse box and stepping it down that way, but using the usb seems much easier

Apologies if I’m being stupid, any ideas or advice I’m all ears

Suggest you get a 5v >= 5Amp buck converter, Amazon.com has some.

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If the usb isn’t safe / possible, I’ve got a load of 5v 5A bucks at home, but i would like to still have to option to charge my phone if I so wish,
And the only issue I see with tapping the fuse box is finding a ground point, but yes defo possible, and probably the right thing to do thanks for the input mate,
Just wanting to find out a bit more about these usb chargers

Use the cigarret lighter USB for the controller and car 12 volt for the LED strip. I understand it runs from 12 volt.

The strip runs off 5v
that did just give me an idea I can always tap onto the metal contacts of the socket and step that 12v down perhaps

Please make a little drawing. Your words make no sense to me.

I bought a splitter giving me 2 outlets from the cigarette jack! One for the GPS and one for charging the phone....

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