Powering LED Strips

Hello all,

I have a long run of LED strips. I plan on hitting the LED strips with power every 15 feet.

I am not an electrical engineer. My power supply only has 3 DC 5v outputs meaning that I would need to double down on two of those outputs in order to supply 5 LED Strips with 5v of power. Is this ok? What problems might arise?

I was planning on using clamp connectors at the terminal points I guess? Is there a better way to connect multiple +/- to terminal points?

Numbers would be more useful than hand-waving.

Ok, let me try to better explain myself.

I have a 5v 40a 200w power supply. I want to power 5 different lengths of 12 foot LED Strips. Three of those LED Strips can connect directly to the power supply. The other two LED Strips will need to double up on one of the power supply terminals to receive power. Is this going to be an issue? Or is there a better way to set this up?

Electrically you can connect any number of things to a single power supply output provided they all need the same voltage and the TOTAL current does not exceed what the supply can provide.

Since I have no idea what your power supply or its connections look like I can't comment on the physical connections e.g. "clamp connectors at the terminal points".


Thank you. That sums it up for me.

I have attached a photo of the power supply I am working with.