Powering micro-controllers by Battery

Hi all,

Just to share a small post for those working with MCUs and battery at low-power:

Powering micro-controllers by Battery

Working with low-power applications, one of the most common topic are batteries. Questions like “Which one is the best battery?” is a very common one. We all know that there’s not a single answer for such question, and this post will explore the different options as well highlight the weakness and strengths of some common kinds of batteries.

Although this is can be considered a generic battery post, it has been written having low voltage micro-controller applications in mind, more specifically solutions like our Whisper Node product.

So the question the post tries to answer is: “Which is the best battery to power my micro-controller application?”

Continue at: https://wisen.com.au/blog/powering-microcontrollers-by-battery/
Hope you find interesting!


Thanks for posting your article musskoph. I found it to be useful and informative. Im going to look into lithium thionyl chloride batteries for a hand held light meter project because of the steady voltage. I am concerned however, about availability.

You can buy it from places like Element14, Rs-online, Mouser, etc. But you won't find in supermarkets or local hardware store..

Yeah, that's the problem, and why I'm sticking with triple-a's. I can't expect users of my devices to search for rare batteries. But I will get a few to play with, anticipating a rise in popularity and availability, and a drop in price.

On a related note, I just bought a liter of thionyl chloride for organic chemistry use. It cost less than the batteries.