Powering minimal Arduino and motor with same source

Hello, for my project I would like to use a single source to power both a minimal Arduino and a stepper motor (via a Pololu A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier).

Can I simply wire the supply’s output to the Arduino and the A4988 in parallel? The supply would then feed both the 7805 voltage regulator to supply 5V to the Arduino as well as provide power to VMOT on the A4988. I would also use the output from the regulator to provide the 5V logic required by the A4988.

I am attaching an info-graphic of sorts that clarifies (I hope) my layout. I appreciate the help!

arduino and stepper.pdf (1.06 MB)

PDF files are almost useless in here.

Regular pictures are more suitable.
See second link below.

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That will work in principle, except that the A4988 driver can handle only 1 A/phase. Make sure that you set the current limit correctly on the driver board.

I appreciate the effort you put into making that "infographic", but the poor labeling and breadboard-type layout make it too much work for forum members to verify the critical details of your circuit. So the effort is mostly wasted.

If you are serious about this hobby, you should learn to read and draw a schematic diagram, by hand is fine. They are universally understood, accepted and expected.

Tutorial here.