Powering MKR1000 with 9V Battery

I’m looking to power my MKR1000 board using a battery. I tried using two AAA batteries but half of my circuit didn’t work (assume since I was supplying less than 5V?). So next I’m looking to use a 9V battery instead. However my question is will it destroy my board? I’ve read that Arduino’s have a voltage regulator so it can still step down 9V to the required 5V but I’m still hesitant since I haven’t found any definite answer that the MKR1000 can handle 9V in the Vin pin. Does anyone have any experience and advice on this?

Did you google MKR1000


a 9V battery like this;

Will not have the capacity to keep your Arduino going for any decent amount of time.

Tom… :slight_smile:

Hi Tom, I understand 9Vs don't last long but I'm willing to switch them out as long as it lasts longer than an hour! I just would like to know whether or not it will fry my board if i hook it up.