Powering MKRZero through its Vin pin with Uno

I am working on a project that will use both the Arduino Uno and the MKRZero in the end; the Uno carries the bulk of the program and the MKRZero would have code related to its audio file functionality. Since this project is intended to work independently of a computer once it is finished, the Uno would be powered via USB cable controlled to a wall adapter in an outlet. However, this leaves the problem of how to power the MKRZero.

So my potentially dumb question is: since the MKRZero takes 5V to be powered, could I connect the Uno's 5V output pin to the MKRZero's Vin pin to power the MKRZero? If this is possible, what other connections would I have to make to make sure both boards are operating properly?

It's possible is the short answer.

For the UNO R3 it should be ok as long as you have calculated your current requirements for both and checked against the supply.

You would need both the 5V and Ground connections between the two boards.

Better suggestion would be to use separate USB connections, either with a splitter or a hub.